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Hyuna Park heads up her own eponymous jazz trio comprising herself, Myles Sloniker on bass and Peter Traunmueller on drums. One of the only female Asian performers successfully established on the jazz scene touring across the globe – from her native Korea, to Europe to her current home in New York – Park delivers technically flawless and artistically inspired renditions of classic jazz standards as well as a vibrant mosaic of her original compositions.  Rigorously trained from two decades of classical piano, Park took the courageous step to break into the Occidental-male dominated world of jazz.  She quickly amassed a variety of credits by recording sessions with major talents in Asia and composing for film and TV.  After winning music scholarships from Kyung Hee University in Korea as well as the City University of New York, Park has ventured on to performing with the great artists of contemporary jazz, winning awards, breaking new artistic territory, and inspiring fans with her emotion and style – across genres, across nations, and across generations.  Now based in New York City, Park is one of the more sought after jazz artists on the touring circuit exhilarating audiences with her traditional skills and creative, dynamic performances. 




Myles Sloniker is a bassist and composer based in New York City. Equally at home in a multitude of styles from straight-ahead jazz to classical, folk, and experimental music, Sloniker has established himself as a prominent young voice even among New York’s fractured musical cliques, and has performed with a long list of eclectic musical luminaries including Ron Miles, Seamus Blake, Jacob Jolliff, and David Amram, among others. Born to a musical family in Colorado, much of his early life was spent backstage—at his mother’s folk groups’ rehearsals, hearing his father perform with the Fort Collins symphony or in jazz clubs—music was everywhere.  Around the age of 11, Sloniker began to play the guitar and sing, but didn’t begin to pursue a career as a performer until his teenage years, when he was drawn to punk rock as a way to forge his own identity apart from his parents' paths.

As Sloniker’s musical tastes and ability continued to develop, he switched his focus to the upright bass, and began seriously performing alongside his father in jazz clubs and at festivals.  After a gap year spent on tour and in the studio, Sloniker enrolled at the University of Northern Colorado as a jazz bass performance major.  Already a seasoned veteran performer at the age of 18, Sloniker was practically a beginner when it came to reading music and his understanding of music theory.  Outside of school, Sloniker became an in-demand sideman and collaborator throughout Northern Colorado and at the age of 20, moved to New York City to attend the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, where his studies included private lessons with legendary bassist Ron Carter and composition lessons with Kirk Nurock. 

Aside from his work in jazz circles, Sloniker has also been involved in collaborations with theatre and dance, most notably at the New York International Fringe Festival, and with artist and choreographer Nick Cave.




New York based drummer, arranger and composer Peter Traunmueller has earned a reputation as a musician with a unique skill to express himself fluently in many different styles and genres while always staying connected with the music. His well-developed facility on his instrument and his great ability to listen and support his fellow band-members has given Peter the opportunity to perform all over the world in countries such as Austria, USA, China, Canada, Spain, France, Hungary, Greece, Germany, Peru with artists such as Assaf Kehati, Michel Reis, Gianni Gagliardi, Pete Malinerni, Lukas Gabric, John Stetch, Jim Cammack, Curtis J, Jon Davis, Dan Lipsitz, Steve Ash, Milo Z, Pat O’Leary, Hyuna Park among many others.

Peter grew up in Salzburg, Austria and started out studying European classical musicat an early age. He was part of numerous orchestras and chamber music ensembles and took part in theater and musical productions. At age fifteen Peter made a career shift into the exciting world of Jazz, Funk, Rock and improvised music, performing with many great Austrian artists such as Harry Sokal, Hermann Linecker, Andi Haidecker, Lukas Kletzander among many others.
From 2006-2011 Peter studied drums and piano at Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität with Jeff Boudreaux, Doug Hammond and Dejan Pecenko. After receiving his BA degree Peter relocated to New York City where he continues his artistic vision and stays busy leading his own projects and supporting others as a sideman