Hyuna Park Trio at Birdland June 20th 5:30-7pm!!!
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Hyuna Park Trio at Birdland June 20th 5:30-7pm!!!

Yes!! We are playing at the Birdland, one of New York’s most iconic nightclubs on June 20th, 5:30-7pm. We will play most of the songs from our new album Her Morning Waltz and will add a few more from the American song book. 

Throughout our recent seven week tour in Korea/Japan/France/Switzerland (this was all after our previous tour to the Canary Islands in February!), I learned in many different ways how to connect with the band and the audience, how to bring out what I want and deliver it well. Along the way, I wrote a couple of new songs. 

One of the songs is [Where you are is home]. During the tour, I got so much love and care everywhere I was. But being away from New York for a long time made a little confusion in my head as well. Even in New York, I was not sure I was “home." Then I felt that it is not the place that I should feel home, it is people that I know make me feel home. So there is the title, [Where you are is home].

Another song I am working on is [Mars 2033]. When the trio was touring in Fuerteventura, I met a space engineer Georg Wulz and he told me soon we will be able to travel to Mars which will take a year and a half to go and come back to the earth! How cool it would be to be a musician for that cruise ship for Mars! He has been so kind to share photos of the spaceships and surface of Mars so that I could imagine and come up with some kind of very tranquil chord changes. 

So we are ready to present ourselves for the Birdland gig! Please join us, invite your friends, share the event! Playing at Birdland is a special opportunity for the trio and Myles, Peter and I appreciate your support more than ever!

Thank you!!


Ticket link:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hyuna-park-trio-tickets-59776843147

Birdland website:  https://www.birdlandjazz.com/attraction/hyuna+park+trio/


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